What is The Bronx Real Estate Network

The Bronx Real Estate Network is a private networking group whose members are all associated with the Bronx Real Estate Industry. Our group's focus is on providing actionable referrals to the other members of the group, thereby increasing their business while growing their sphere of influence throughout the borough.

We meet as a group twice a month, where we talk about what's happening in the Bronx now, and how Real Estate is doing at all levels. We each spend a minute, letting the group know how business is and how the group can help make it better. At each meeting, one member is featured and gives a more in depth presentation to the group so we can really understand their business and how we can help them succeed. The organization tracks referrals and their results and reports back to the members at each meeting.

We have broken down our industry into unique business classifications. Only one person may occupy a classification at any one time. All referrals for your classification will be presented to you through our online system.

If this sounds like something that interests you, sign up to attend a meeting at the "Visit Us" tab above.

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