Centum Real Estate Group

Member: Otis Duffy
Classification: Real Estate Broker - Medium Multi-Family Building Sales 11 to 50 Units

Centum Real Estate Group LLC is a full service Real Estate Brokerage firm that handles commercial and residential properties, financing and structuring 1031 Exchanges. With licenses in New York and New Jersey, Centum offers comprehensive professional in-house underwriting of assets to ensure that transactions happen in an efficient and profitable manner. Centum offers a full range of specialties with brokers who specialize in Self Storage, Retail, Senior Living, Hospitality, Multi-Family, etc. in New York and Northern New Jersey.

Otis Duffy is the Broker of Record for Centum in both New York and New Jersey.

Website: www.centumreg.com
Phone: 646-687-7934
Mobile: 201-707-3879
Email: [email protected]

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